"The boys take off, late afternoon, in the land of the godforsaken."

- Hi Lo Cali, Cannondale

"Wind whistles through leafless trees. Along the course, there are no spectators; a man jogs by with his dog off-leash."

- Women's Elite Cycling, Feature


"Garments are triune: fabric, craftsmanship and design, together as one. Compromise an element, quality drops. Hit high notes on all three, find fashion holiness. "

- Fall Style, Introduction

"Maybe you know some of this. Maybe you know nothing. Skip what you know, read what you don’t."

- California Wine, Report


"'It's whatever,' she says. 'It passes the time. It's something.' She holds the clipboard mid-stomach. 'It's not poetry, but it's easy reading.'"

- Y.A. Fiction, Forthcoming

“Supporting small-scale business over globalized kingpins of sport.”

- U.S.A. Handbuilt Bicycle, Review


"Adam Rogers points to a small bulge of walnut under the leg’s integral tenon, a misshapen lump made by errant CNC programming."

- American Handmade Furniture, Report


"White busts are desecrated with bleeding eyes and pink roosters sit perched above the dining room. It is a Gallic farmhouse forced through the mind of David Lynch."

- Ludlow Hotel, Review


"Colombo is a compact man with a trim build. He’s attentive and focused. He maintains exceptional eye contact. He wears a well-tailored suit without projecting the casual apathy of some Italians in suits."

- Italian Handbuilt Bicycle, Report

"Bogotá’s economic disparity spreads from the southeast side of the city like a rash, climbing up the hillside of Ciudad Bolívar. The higher you go, the more primitive — and desperate — life is."

- Human Displacement in Colombia, Feature