The Finest Hotel in Bogotá, Colombia

Colombian architect Santiago Medina Mejia built the stately Casa Medina as an apartment building, using materials salvaged from the relocation of two colonial convents in Bogotá — San Agustin and Santo Domingo. Stone columns, wood flooring and hand-carved doors arrived on the job site and were placed alongside wrought-iron railings and stained glass. Medina built the house with nooks, narrow hallways and hidden staircases that gracefully eschew the grand logic of modern buildings. The ceilings are low. The floors creak. Each of the 62 rooms — including those in the newly built wing — is unique. The Four Seasons, which took over the property in 2015, has outfitted these dwellings with the luxuries of modern life, but the character of the balconies, the small windows, the curve of the hand-carved wooden banisters, remains.

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Matthew Ankeny