How to Use Snapchat Correctly

There are tools and there are rules. The delineation for use, in the physical realm, is straightforward. A hammer to cut wood? Dumb. A saw to hit nails? Useless. Laws rule, and you can’t break what physics controls. The digital world, though, works with more nuance. A smartphone and a social app? Guidelines, at best.

Snapchat, the fastest-growing social network among Millennials, exists with few restrictions. And, in the recent years of its proliferation, the majority of the social media world dove face-first into selfie filters and ironic stickers. But that is not the only way to use the platform. It can also be leveraged not only to offer a “raw” take on behind-the-scenes life (in its own irony, often carefully considered), but to be approached in the same way artists have approached tools for years: considering the constraints and working with them to achieve an overarching aesthetic vision.

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Matthew Ankeny