Weird Is Good — This Hotel in Tivoli, New York Proves It

Hotel Tivoli is weird, like a quirky aunt got ahold of a historic building in an all-but-forgotten city and set about making it cool — her cool. And in the trending, hip Hudson Valley, this weirdness makes it endearing, because as any Brooklynite worth their salt knows, it’s not worth setting sail in the world if everywhere you turn up looks like Brooklyn.

Note: there are other lodging options in the area, and the Rivertown Lodge, in more-developed Hudson, New York, is a fine place to stay. But that lodge serves as a contrast point for Hotel Tivoli. The Rivertown is done with polished intention, but also with the feeling that all design cues came straight from a Kinfolk-dictated “purity in design.” Tivoli is all quirk — and it feels like a secret one may want in on.

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Matthew Ankeny