The Best of Eurobike 2016

Last year, I spent three days carousing around Eurobike (the world’s largest bike show) like a coffee/currywurst/hefeweizen zombie. I rode a single-speed approximately 15 miles each way, through hilly hops fields and apple orchards, and I slept in a triangular-shaped room the size of my closet. And though I felt very at one with the bike world at the end of it all, I had no qualms about sitting out this year’s carnival.

Instead, I bring you the best of Eurobike, per Eurobike’s press page and all the wonderful coverage coming from the endemic bike media (thanks for enduring the Zeppelin hangars, Bike Radar, Bicycling, Pink Bike and all you other currywurst lovers). There’s tidings of great news and great gear, and here’s some of the most exciting stuff thus far.

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Matthew Ankeny