Is the Touch Bar on the MacBook Pro Actually Worth It?

There are times you know you don’t need something but you want it anyway. Lust, we call it, and it’s our most bedeviling vice. Apple — an arbiter of plush pragmatism, in most cases — doesn’t always tap into the lusty side of our tech-souls, but more recently they’ve dabbled (hello, Hermés Watch). The Touch Bar is exactly one such offering, and it’s held at a carrot stick’s distance away from a justifiable purchase. For everything I do, I don’t need the Touch Bar. I also don’t need the extra processor horsepower on the MacBook Pro Touch Bar version or its two bonus Thunderbolt/USB-C ports. And I definitely don’t need to spend another $300 on a laptop where my most commonly used program is TextEdit. But damn do I want it.

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Matthew Ankeny