The Chromebook Hasn’t Fully Arrived. Not Yet

So many things are good on the Samsung Chromebook Pro. The touchscreen. (The price.) The stylus. The 360-degree hinge. (The price.) The 8GB of RAM and 32GB of storage. (The price.) And so many things are still missing. But before we get to those, let’s clarify how close the Chromebook is really close to being a fantastic piece of tech.

For starters, Chrome OS actually works, and it works fast. It flies through all daily tasks, from spreadsheets to Netflix, and even with the swiveling and stylus-ing, it never skips a beat. It works, and it works really, really well. That competence, along with all the handy features at your disposal — tablet-esque touchscreen, phablet-esque stylus, laptop-esque keyboard and trackpad (long live the trackpad!) — plus that teensie pricetag ($549 for the Pro I tested, $449 for the Plus) makes it good. But it’s not quite great. Not yet.

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Matthew Ankeny