Is the Samsung Tab S3 an iPad Pro Killer?

You’re going to have to wait for the comparisons between the Samsung Galaxy Tab S3 and the iPad Pro until the end of this post. I have my reasons. You can wait. It’s a short post. Evaluate the Tab S3 in its own universe, not one dominated by white-backdrop ads and farcical tweets.

The 9.7-inch tablet is a powerful piece of tech, with a Snapdragon quad-core chip (2.15Ghz + 1.5Ghz), and I found that websites and apps (especially in the Google universe — Maps, Gmail, etc.) loaded even faster than expected. I have very little patience, and I felt like this tablet simply connected to the internet better, a testament to both the wi-fi connectivity and the speed of the apps. You get no traffic jams on the processor side.

The screen is also high tech, a “Super AMOLED Display with High Dynamic Range.” Translation: hi-def movies and games and other stuff you like to watch on a tablet look really good. Samsung is also equipping the tablet with the redesigned S Pen, which, thankfully, never has to be charged. I love pens and tablets, so this naturally made my experience much better, and the S Pen has a nice handfeel and is precise (it responded to my chicken-scratch accurately). And, Samsung offers the magnetically connected Pogo Keyboard, which — despite its crunched size — offers surprisingly satisfying key feel.

All in all, the Tab S3 is what’s expected of a gadget in 2017: it’s a great tablet with all the requisite tech to let you binge Netflix, play games, scroll Instagram, write emails, scribble notes and dive into Facebook and Twitter rabbit holes. What else does one need?

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Matthew Ankeny