5 Questions with Uniqlo’s Head of Design

Coming off a flight from Paris and a series of media interviews after Uniqlo’s first American preview of a forthcoming collection, Yuki Katsuta, Uniqlo’s SVP of product design and global research, showed no signs of jet lag. He bounced in his seat, jovial and lively. He fielded questions about sustainability, trends in menswear and what’s cool in Los Angeles. He acted like he’d had 12 hours of deep sleep. Katsuta-san needs the energy, as he is the lifeblood of this young brand with big hopes. In his tenure, he has effectively stirred things up in the fast fashion space, especially with Uniqlo’s huge expansion into the American market. I peppered him with a few questions about what’s next for the brand, and he had a surprisingly conservative outlook, outlining a plan that is best summed up like so: iterate, refine and repeat.

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Matthew Ankeny