Why I Love My American-Made, Custom Bicycle

The first thing my mom did with her first full-time, real-job paycheck was put a downpayment on a brown 1977 Pontiac Firebird Trans Am with orange racing stripes. It was a stupid idea. She had no money, no savings and she already had a car. But she bought it anyway with that initial dose of real cash. The first thing I did with my first full-time, real-job paycheck was commission a painting of a deer from an aspiring artist friend. It was a stupid idea. The painting was amateur. It cost me $500. It’s sitting in my closet at home under a decade of dust.

Over the years, I’ve learned. I see now that splurges should be on the things you’ll get the most experiences from. My mom knew it then. I know it now. So my most recent full-time, real-job paycheck splurge was on a custom, American-made bicycle. It’s taken me ten years, but I got my Firebird.

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Matthew Ankeny