Biomarkers Are the Measurements of Modern Medicine

Everytime you step on a scale, you’re logging a biomarker. And every second your smartwatch logs your heart rate, it’s recording a biomarker. Every doctor’s visit, that blood pressure and body temperature that are taken — both biomarkers. The word isn’t exactly colloquial, but ask any doctor, nurse, researcher, or scientist and they’ll be well acquainted with the term. Rodolphe Barrangou, the Todd R. Klaenhammer Distinguished Professor in Probiotics Research at North Carolina State University, who uses biomarkers every day in his research, defined them as “health indicators that we can measure and quantify and compare to a range that is desirable or healthy in a general population.” Simply put, they’re measurements — biological markers (“biomarkers”) that are objective, quantifiable, accurate and repeatable.

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Matthew Ankeny